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“We do digital“ - is not just a claim, but more a philosophy, which we have carried within us since childhood. We are the experts for web-development and know how to implement projects in such a way that goals are measurably achieved and have a lasting effect. From interfaces to third-party providers like amazon.de, google.de and ebay.de to automated data transfer and triggering specific actions via cronjobs, we love to influence the digital world with our code.


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The founders


Preserving of our environment for following generations

Environment protection

  • purchase of renewable energy from wind power, photovoltaics and biogas.
  • reforestation and protective measures to preserve the rainforest.

Animal welfare

  • financial support for organisations and projects on animal welfare.
  • animal sponsorships with regional animal shelters.


Our guiding principles and values define the basic attitude towards our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners. Learn more about them in the individual topics.


Our vision is to shape the digital future. This goal depends, among other things, on the tireless will that we transport every day. This includes many years of experience with customers and technologies, as well as the recognition of differentiation potentials and further training measures. Our economic goals are also defined as follows:

  • annual increase in turnover and market share
  • continuous increase in awareness level
  • increasing the recommendation rate


The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority and is the centre of our thoughts and actions. Our philosophy is to lead, to communicate at eye level and to always uphold values such as fairness, honesty and transparency.


We are always aware of our responsibility towards our own employees, business partners, customers and suppliers. All our decisions are made conscientiously, taking into account economic and social aspects.


The conservation of natural resources is just as important to us as sustainable action in the economic sense. Our environment as the most valuable asset for future generations. We are actively committed to protecting our environment and species.


We are committed to the principle that standing still also means taking a step backwards. That is why continuous further training and the associated learning processes, which ensure the continued existence of our company, are of particular concern to us.


Our expertise is based on years of experience in our daily work. Here, the claim is placed on the very highest quality and sustainability in project realisation.

Data protection/privacy

When using and managing data, we rely on the highest data protection regulations, which are based on EU legislation (DSGVO). This high standard also requires cooperation with suppliers and business partners.


We see solutions instead of barriers and know how to think outside the box/look over the rim of a tea cup.


We are authentic and stand by our actions, our promises and the opinions we hold.


We aim to make our employees feel comfortable and, in addition to fair pay, create additional benefits that confirm a modern workplace in today's age.

Our behaviour within the team is characterised by respect and friendliness. We have an open ear for our employees at all times, which extends far beyond the agreed working hours. We know that a well-functioning interpersonal relationship additionally increases the willingness to perform and contributes to a good working atmosphere in the long term.


We present ourselves as a modern, open-minded company that is open to cultures, nationalities, orientations and opinions of other people. We strictly reject racist and discriminatory approaches and distance ourselves from them.


We see competition as an important process that brings movement into the market and opens up ways for us to recognise and exploit differentiation potential.

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  • 2001 - founding of the sole proprietorship "sign2.internetagentur" in Emskirchen, Middle Franconia, by Mr. Michael Marzoll in the attic of his own property.
  • 2008 - founding of monsterads.werbeagentur GbR and entry of Mr. Andreas Weckmann.
  • 2009 - change of company name to monsterads-werbeagentur GmbH and inclusion of further competence areas.
  • 2012 - successful agency pitch and setup of the online platform of ZOXS GmbH.
  • 2010 - expansion of the spatial and personnel capacities. Relocation to Neustadt an der Aisch.
  • 2017 - change of company name to digiskill GmbH, new market positioning and move to a new location in Herzogenaurach.
  • 2019 - successful agency pitch for the world-famous "Club Mate" brand of Brauerei Loscher GmbH Co. KG from Münsteinach.
  • 2020 - founding of the online platform “Schreinersache.de“.
  • 2021 - successful agency pitch for one of the biggest kitchen manufacturers in Europe, Schüller Möbelwerk KG.
  • 2022 - range expansion of Schreinersache.de by a further 230,000 articles, as well as individually configurable wood blanks.
  • 2024 - market expansion for Austria with another project under the name Tischlersache.at